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Special Interest Ethical Style: These exhibitors are taking part

15 Dec 2023

Sustainability is becoming an important purchasing criterion for more and more consumers. This means the topic is also on the agenda for retailers. But the field is wide and the abundance of products is confusing. The Ethical Style programme of the leading trade fair trio for the consumer goods industry, Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld, provides orientation. The exhibitors and products included in the 2024 programme have now been nominated.

A total of 374 exhibitors at Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld will be entitled to bear the Ethical Style label in 2024: an independent jury of international experts has reviewed all the entries and curated them for the special interest scheme. The Ethical Style label is valid for three years. In addition to the existing participants in the programme, a total of 176 more will be added for the coming trade fair cycle, who will be able to present themselves to the trade as sustainable companies in future. Ambiente will present 140 newly juried exhibitors, Christmasworld will see 21 new additions and Creativeworld 15. Companies can register for the judging process with individual products, product lines or as an entire company. The Special Interest takes into account various aspects of sustainability such as environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, resource-saving manufacturing processes, craftsmanship that preserves traditions, as well as future-oriented products and processes and socially responsible working conditions. Here are some examples of exhibitors representing the Ethical Style programme and the cosmos of sustainable initiatives in the global consumer goods industry:

Ambiente Dining: Brabantia Branding B.V.

Brabantia designs all products with the possibility of recycling. "One hundred percent circular design is Brabantia's guiding principle. By 2035, the entire product range will be geared towards sustainability. Products that already consist of over 90 percent household waste, that are 99 percent recyclable and cradle-to-cradle-certified underline that they take this goal seriously," says jury member Christina Bocher from DEKRA SE, explaining her decision. From kitchen gadgets with a dual function and practical solutions for waste management to intelligent ironing board covers for more efficient ironing – the company manufactures products that serve people and the environment. In addition to their own commitment, the company supports initiatives that contribute to sustainability.

Ambiente Living: PT Wax Industri Nusantara, Indonesia

The manufacturer of palm candles in Indonesia was founded in 2001 and brings some light into the world not only with its candles made from palm oil. More than 80 per cent of the workforce are women. Their work is a source of self-confidence and secures a second income for their families in rural areas that tend to be structurally weak. In times of machine production, PT Wax Insustri Nusantara consciously favours manual production: "Manual work means more hands, more jobs, less crime and a happy village." Juror Kees Bronk from the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) on the vote: "PT. Wax Industri Nusantara is WFTO-certified for fair trade and is guided in its values and practices by a genuine concern for people and the planet. The company, like its products, is always discreet and unobtrusive, but buyers around the world have already discovered it for themselves."

Ambiente Giving: Soapi GmbH

The founders of Soapi have worked intensively on life-centred product design, sustainable raw materials and new product ideas. The result is a sustainable magnetic soap holder made in Berlin from plastic that consists of around 90 per cent recycled fishing nets – a durable and stylish product that puts maritime waste to a new, meaningful use in the long term. For jury member Sabine Meyer from side by side Design at Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätten, the sustainability concept here goes beyond mere recycling: "Soapi focusses on sustainability right from the start. The product itself encourages the use of solid shower gel and hair shampoo. That alone saves a lot of plastic bottles. The reduced packaging complements the product to create an appealing and successful gift item."

Ambiente Working: König + Neurath AG

König + Neurath is one of the leading suppliers of office furniture and room solutions. Founded in 1925, the family-owned company manufactures exclusively at its headquarters in Karben, but has an international presence. Acting sustainably is an integral part of the corporate culture: it is a guiding principle that runs through all areas of the company and includes all employees. Juror Mimi Sewalski from is convinced: "Sustainability means more than just measuring environmental footprints. König + Neurath is a wonderful example of what a value-orientated, holistic approach can achieve in terms of results. The focus here is not just on the result, but on the entire process right through to the finished product."

Christmasworld: Inge's Christmas Decor GmbH

As a modern manufactory with 125 employees, Inge's Christmas Decor has developed into one of the leading specialists for Christmas decorations and seasonal accessories made in-house. Jury member Sabine Meyer from side by side of Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätten highlights Inge's Christmas Decor as a company that deserves to be included in the Ethical Style programme: "The family business from Neustadt near Coburg impressively combines the centuries-old tradition of glassblowing with modern standards and international distribution. The Sternkrönchen label guarantees handmade unique pieces with a passion for craftsmanship. A sustainable packaging concept tops off the collection."

Creativeworld: Hempa

Hemp paper is a sustainable alternative to conventional paper made from wood: trees can be cleared for paper production after around ten years, whereas industrial hemp is harvested up to three times a year. At the same time, more than four times as much paper can be produced from the same area of land as from wood with each harvest. In addition, hemp plants bind a lot of CO2; their fibres are naturally very light – the paper does not need to be chemically bleached. Taken together, this makes hemp a real game changer as a raw material for paper. Lutz Dietzold from the German Design Council states: "Paper made from hemp as an ecological alternative to paper made from wood offers many advantages, such as the conservation of resources and better recyclability. Hempa offers a concentrated product range from colouring pads to beautifully designed animal cards."

Sourcing made easy – orientation for retailers

Retailers can find orientation in the online exhibitor search, where they can filter by special interest; in addition, an ethical style label at the trade fair stand features curated exhibitors. In 2024, there will be two Ethical Style spots that will attractively present a product selection from all three trade fairs together under one roof. All of this will make it easier for retailers to procure environmentally friendly and socially responsible goods.

Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld will continue to be held simultaneously at the Frankfurt exhibition centre:

  • Ambiente/Christmasworld: 26 bis 30 January 2024
  • Creativeworld: 27 bis 30 January 2024

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