Ethical Style
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Ethical style – a metatrend.

More and more consumers want to know about production methods: Are products recyclable? Do they meet social and ethical standards? A growing number of suppliers are responding to this challenge. Ambiente has highlighted this metatrend for years and with its focus on Ethical Style is now the international marketplace for sustainably produced consumer goods.

Moving towards a sustainable future

Ethical Style Guide

The Ethical Style guide lists all suppliers exhibiting products at Ambiente that are manufactured according to sustainable environmental standards. It lists the location, segment and product groups, as well as the Ethical Style category which provides information on the sustainability credentials of the product range. The guide will be available to pick up at the fair. Relevant exhibitors can also be found via the online exhibitor search engine and the signage on the stands.

To the Ethical Style exhibitors

An independent jury of experts checks the applicants and structures the offering clearly in six Ethical Style categories. Each exhibitor can fulfil one or more of these requirements with its products and may therefore be included in more than one of the categories.

Environmentally friendly materials

Products made from environmentally friendly materials such as renewable raw materials with low environmental impact throughout their life cycle or organically certified products.

Resource-friendly manufacturing
Efficient, resource-friendly production processes e.g. in the energy, water or waste sectors.

Fair & socially responsible production
Products that are manufactured in social facilities and/or under socially responsible conditions and/or fair trade conditions and that promote social and/or cultural development in the producer countries.

Re/Upcycling Design
Products whose raw materials are designed for recycling or that are processed into new products from used or no longer usable waste materials.

Handmade Manufacturing
Products that are handmade and that maintain and promote craft skills.

Sustainable Innovation
Products that through their innovative nature (process, material, solution) help to conserve resources, e.g. quantity of raw materials, waste, energy and water.

Christina Bocher, DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH

Kees Bronk, CBI, Center for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries

Lutz Dietzold, German Design Council

Max Gilgenmann, expert in textile sustainability criteria

Sabine Meyer, -side-by-side-, Caritas Wendelstein Werkstätten

Mimi Sewalski,


The market continues to grow.

Ambiente is the important trade fair for the global range of sustainable products.

Companies setting a sustainable example

How well do business and environmental awareness go together? Examples of successful practice are showcased by eight selected companies that combine entrepreneurial and ecological aspects by producing artisan products, recycled items, traditionally manufactured goods or by working in a socially responsible manner. They show that sustainability is a compelling sales argument.

Windmühle knives

Robert Herder GmbH & Co. KG

The Windmühle knives manufactured by Rolf Herder company in Solingen since 1872 are the best-possible example of sustainable production. Local craftsmanship, durable design and high precision come together here with the use of 100 % recyclable materials such as self-sharpening carbon steel and various woods with a unique tactile experience.

Pro Öko Linie

KAHLA / Thüringen Porzellan GmbH

‘The company doesn’t think in terms of quarterly figures’, but in terms of sustainability, one would like to add. KAHLA / Thüringen Porzellan GmbH shows how ecological and economic principles can go hand in hand, drive innovative technologies and safeguard local production. Customers have been rewarding the family business for over 170 years with their loyalty, which KAHLA has answered with its own Pro Öko line.


Harold’s Lederwaren GmbH & Co. KG

Harold’s claims that its bags are ‘companions for a lifetime’ – and they really are. The company builds on three generations of bag making and sustainably combines local and international leather craftsmanship. The results are timeless, functional and uncompromising qualityconscious products. Take a look at their thoughtful designs and transparent value chain.

Aranya product

Aranya Crafts Ltd

Aranya is quite a special player in the field of contemporary craft design. Since 1990, the Bangladeshi brand and manufacturer has been developing its business based on natural dyes while focusing on the sustainability and standardisation of its commercial viability. Each Aranya product tells a tale of Bengal’s artistry and the craft work of its rural artisans.


it’s about RoMi B.V.

it‘s about RoMi are known for their urban-style lighting. They have created Good&Mojo, a brand dedicated to sustainable lighting and doing good. Every lamp in this collection is made from sustainable materials and 5 % of proceeds go into the Waka Waka foundation, providing solar lamps to people in off-grid areas throughout the world.

El Puente


El Puente is one of the pioneers of the Fair Trade movement in Germany and worldwide. For more than four decades, their concept has combined contemporary craftsmanship and traditional techniques with social and environmental sustainability. They present now for the first time their rich assortment of arts and crafts from around the world at Ambiente.


Bürstenhaus Redecker GmbH

It is always impressive when traditional family craft businesses manage to successfully follow their own principles and remain true to their craft and themselves. The brush manufacturing company Redecker shows how to succeed with style and it is a pleasure to look at and use these natural brushes.


LittleSun GmbH

LittleSun is not only an attractive solar light, it is also a global project. It brings light to regions without electricity and makes possible what we take for granted: Reading, doing your homework or working, even when it is dark outside. Design, functionality and sustainability combined in one product!

World Fair Trade Organization

Gifts, fashion items, household goods and more – the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) will be at Ambiente, demonstrating its promotion of fair trade through alternative business models. The global community has over 400 members in 70 countries, including artisans, farmers, social projects and innovators.

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