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Talents are reshaping the world

The perspective of young designers is always stimulating. They surprise us with products that offer answers to the questions of the age and set new accents – with innovative ideas and future-oriented concepts: How can we stylishly shape society, life and consumption? This is what our international Talents demonstrate.

The new generation is ready to go

With clear, bold perspectives, they inspire and provoke in the Dining and Living areas. For most of the participants in the „Talents“ programme, this appearance at Ambiente is their first one in front of a large trade audience of exhibitors, visitors and media representatives. This is also the case with the 21 newcomers from all parts of the world – from Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Great Britain to India.

Emilie Burfeind

Simon Gehring
70178 Stuttgart / Germany

Irem Seda Güney
Hamburg / Germany

Mia-Marie Henze
99423 Weimar / Germany

Julia Huisken
Frankfurt / Germany

Agnes Kelm
Berlin / Germany

Anna Resei

Lily Saillant
75006 Paris / France

Sarah Hossli Product Design
Sarah Hossli

Sebastian Sittinger
66129 Saarbrücken / Germany

Theresa Voigt
06108 Halle (Saale) / Germany

Verena Witthuhn

Dhairya Shikhar

331403, Sardarshahar / India

Maurice Riegler / Lennard Wilde

Offenbach am Main / Germany

Felicithas Arndt
Mörfelden / Germany

Bruno Baietto
Eindhoven / Netherlands
phone: +31 612502416

Cindy Valdez Studio
12435 Berlin / Germany
instagram: @cindyserrat

Jeanne Koepp
10405 Berlin / Germany

Saara Korppi Glass Design
Vantaa / Finland

Natalia Triantafylli
London / United Kingdom

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