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Ambiente Trends 24+

At Ambiente, you can see the decisive international styles. Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano researches on behalf of Messe Frankfurt the shapes, colors and materials that will delight consumers. The three most important trends are staged with exhibitor products.

Ambiente Trends 24+ offers an overview of innovations from the entire consumer goods industry. This time, they showcase the luxury of silence, new compositions and digital innovations. Sustainability runs through all style worlds and living spaces even more consistently than before.

„The big counter-trend to advancing digitization is craftsmanship, which Ambiente Trends 24+ reflects in all its facets and provides orientation for assortment composition and color selection.“

Annetta Palmisano

AURA OF PROGRESS_visionary + elemental sharpens our attention to progressive ways of looking at things and stands for a game of contrasts. Elemental force meets futurism, archaic elements combine with hyper-innovative technology. For digital and also AI-supported design processes enhance traditional craft methods. At the same time, ecological, resource-saving starting points are decisive for many designers. The results are not only fascinating and novel, but often also sustainable. A living theme that inspires and grounds us at the same moment.

Trend Collage AURA OF PROGRESS_visionary + elemental

1 Sisu Nr 1 orange mirror 05 by Studio Rik ten Velden, photo Rik ten Velden 2 POIKILOS a show by Objects of Common Interest by Nilufar Depot, curated by Studio Vedèt, photo Ruy Teixeira 3 Ref ecting Holons by Martens & Visser, photo Boudewijn Bollman 4 Moooi X EveryHuman Room Fragrance 5 Moooi X EveryHuman Room Fragrance  6 IGNORANCE IS BLISS Porcelain Tableware Collection by Studio Agne, photo Agne Kucerenkaite Instagram @agne.kucerenkaite 7 fragmented landscape by Yuko Sakamoto, engineer Yoichi Sakamoto, 9+1 Design Studio, photo Yuko Sakamoto  8 Aqua Lilium Coral, Ansteckschmuck by JIL KOEHN, photo Jil Köhn  9 Cleft Chair (Gold) by Max Lamb, photo Courtesy of Thomas Joseph Wright Penguins Egg Ltd for Gallery FUMI 10 POIKILOS by Objects of Common Interest, Nilufar Depot, Photo Filippo Pincolini 11 Mountaintopia, Ansteckschmuck by JIL KOEHN, photo Jil Köhn 12 KIRUNA, FeVita by Aisin Takaoka 13 ERMIS by The New Raw ©Michele Margot 14 Jewellery by Liyun Yu, photo Liyun Yu 15 Lichtmoment 1 by Helmut Frerick, photo Helmut Frerick 16 Detail: DOBLE by Patricia Urquiola, Glas Italia,, photo Paola Pansini

QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure + familiar discovers the special in the simple and reflects the need for peace and clarity. Positively moody colors and simple, sustainable materials let us experience warmth, silence and comfort as the real luxury. Appreciation for existing raw materials and working towards a future worth living in are reflected throughout the design. A holistic living theme that is puristic and soothing.

Trend Collage QUALITY OF SILENCE_pure + familiar

1 Restaurant ÄNG designed by Norm Architects, photo Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen 2 Hatch – eggshell pendant lighting design by Bodin Hon + Dilara Kan, Studio Yellowdot, photo Ali Gulsener 3 Detail: Soft Spot Armchair by Bly Studio 4 Basao Tea Cup by Norm Architects, photo Sandie Lykke Nolsøe 5 Basao Tea Cup by Norm Architects, photo Sandie Lykke Nolsøe 6 MCO 3 – PORTOBELLO by Julie Richoz, Mattiazzi, photo Gerhardt Kellermann 7 Africa by Francisco Gómez Paz, Vibia,, photo Courtesy of Vibia 8 PEEL Chair by Prowl Studio, photo Noah Webb 9 Bouboulita by Simoneloo for Volume Ceramics ©Volume Ceramics 10 Acacia by Malgorzata Bany | MBANY LTD, 11 Restaurant ÄNG designed by Norm Architects, photo Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen 12 Necklace Sterling Silver Six Seeds 2022 by SIMONA DENICOLAI, Maison Commun, photo Miguel Rózpide 13 Earrings Sterling Silver One Seed – Beechnut – Squash 2023 by SIMONA DENICOLAI, Maison Commun, photo Miguel Rózpide 14 MCO 3 – PORTOBELLO small by Julie Richoz, Mattiazzi, photo Gerhardt Kellermann

SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical brings together diverse influences in a bold and poetic way and is characterized by striking shapes, bold combinations and distinct color sophistication. Craftsmanship combines with a modern aesthetic, distinct personal touch and durability. In addition, products and home ideas with a flexible character gain in value as they continually adapt to our changing circumstances.

Trend Collage SPIRIT OF CRAFT_bold + poetical

1 KERMAN, FARAH, TORE, e15, photo Ingmar Kurth 2 Norigae f oor stand by WKND Lab, photo OA studio 3 SHIFT project by Form Us With Love for Samsung Nordics, 4 Semiton by García Cumini, 2023 Arper 5 Stained Glass Floor Light 129 by Maarten De Ceulaer, photo Adriaan Hauwaert 6 “Mr LOVESEAT” by Patricia Urquiola, 2023, Moroso 7 Drei Gefässe by dorothee wenz 8 Lyra by Anna Sykora, photo Tanja_Fügener 9 LOEWE Chairs Collection, Salone del Mobile 2023, photo A.P. 10 SHIFT project by Form Us With Love for Samsung Nordics, 11 Esquisses collection by Faye Toogood, Maison Matisse, photo © Genevieve Lutkin 12 Doodle 202241 by Maya Leroy, photo Amir Farzad 13 Becher LaRobe by Anna Sykora, photo Tanja_Fügener 14 Stool by Lola Montes, Nilufar, photo Filippo Pincolini 15 obiwa by Yanobi, Maruyoshi Kosaka, photo Mariko Taya 16 MANGIAFUOCO – Coffee tables and centerpiece trays by Zanellato/Bortotto, 2023, Moroso

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

On behalf of Messe Frankfurt, Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano will pick up on the relevant trends in the consumer-goods sector and, on the basis of the trend themes, select suitable products from Ambiente exhibitors. These will be presented at the Trend Show during Ambiente. The designers have put together the results of their research in three forecasts – the three Ambiente Trends 24+. Based on similar needs, these trends have been distinctively and individually defined. The plus sign symbolises that this is an unfinished path.