Trends 2021

Global style.

At Ambiente you can see the most important international styles at a single venue. stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano has been commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to research the shapes, colours and materials that will inspire consumers. The three most important trends using exhibitor products.

With living spaces now more important than ever, what should our homes look like? Three Ambiente Trends 2021, three answers.

Dreamy. Natural. In transition. The interior environment is changing – no question. Similarly, the Ambiente Trends 2021 are also very different: emotional. love of home puts our home in the spotlight – a comforting space where we can celebrate soothing moments in familiar surroundings. With continual. related to nature, nature can move in with us. Mindful and thoughtful living is beneficial because it slows down the rhythm of everyday life in a very natural way. By contrast, renewal. notion of redo radiates pure energy. Reforming and improvising are the focus of this creative interior theme. It encourages diversity, positive change and self-confidence.

emotional. love of home

What we want now is to celebrate soothing moments in intimate surroundings. Home is increasingly the focus of our attention. Velvety colours from nectar yellow to forget-me-not blue together with carefully selected materials – preferably locally produced – create just the right feel-good atmosphere. In this comforting interior theme, delight and emotion play a particularly important role.

Trend Collage emotional. love of home

1 Sustainable Hand Wash by FORGO, photo Jonas Lindström Studio 2 Nest by Paula Rosales, produced by MISSANA, photo Cualiti 3 Rose duvet cover by Magniberg 4 Serie 3. Sujeto B. Brooch by Edu Tarin 5 Flora thistle by Calico 6 Bike by Peloton Interactive 7 Reversivel, designed by Martin Eisler for Tacchini 8 PalmHouse X Collection by Stefanie Hering for Hering Berlin 9 Japanese Sweets by Norihiko Kamei for KAMEHIKOWORKS 10 Sgraffi to cups by Anna Sykora Porzellan 11 Tulips Table Cloth designed by Monica Förster for Träffa Träffa 12 Iittala X Issey Miyake glass vase for Iittala, photo Iittala 13 Hubble Bubble by Marcel Wanders for Moooi 14 Elio lamp by softgeometry 15 Arkade Chair designed by Nanna Ditzel for Brdr. Krüger 16 Notes trays Cruso by Julien Renault 17 Book of Wisdom by OLIVIA LEE for Bynd Artisan capsule collection 18 Bastille tables designed by Jonas Wagell for Mitab

continual. related to nature

Unser Rhythmus ist bewusster geworden. Näher an der Natur, so möchten wir jetzt wohnen. Achtsam produzierte Produkte und eine natürliche Farbpalette tragen diesem Bedürfnis Rechnung. Dabei darf es gern innovativ zugehen, mit neuen und alternativen Materialien, die den nachhaltigen Kreislaufgedanken aufgreifen. Gern auch rau und ungezähmt, mit groben Oberflächen, die uns die Elemente förmlich spüren lassen.

Trend Collage continual. related to nature

0 Archive/example 1 Str. Heymat+ collection, design by Kristine Five Melvaer for Heymat 2 Bowl with Bog Myrtle by Joe Hogan for Joe Hogan Baskets 3 Sofa Oh it rains! by Philippe Starck for B&B Italia Outdoor 4 Forgotten Collection, Second Edition Vessels by Studio Lapatsch Unger 5 Levanto Centerpiece by Bisarro 6 Mussel Shell Lidded Pot by Chloé Rosetta Bell, photo Maria Bell 7 Sasso Serving Tray, design by Nao Tamura for hem, photo Mikael Lundblad 8 NEW EKO Bowl by Cookplay 9 Textured wooden brushes by Grain & Knot 10 Nappula collection, design by Matti Klenell for Iittala, photo Iittala 11 Bowl by Christiane Wilhelm Keramik, photo Dieter Hammer 12 GLASS LUNCH BOWL by black+blum 13 Update snackit small by KAHLA

renewal. notion of redo

The urge for renewal is irrepressible. Now we want to reform, upgrade and make things in new and different ways. We want to be inspired by creativity and to share good ideas. The future can move in with us today – with invigorating, exciting and confident colours such as sun red and ocean blue and an innovative use of materials.

Trend Collage renewal. notion of redo

0 Archive/example 1 Chocolate Factory by Plasticiet 2 Canopy Collection with RAEBURN for LAYER 3 Totem Bench № 1 by Vadim Kibardin for KIBARDIN Design Studio 4 my Afram bike by my Boo 5 Roll Pack / Bananatexâ by QWSTION International 6 Ott / Another paradigmatic ceramic by Studio Yoon SeokHyeon, photo Ronald Smits 7 WTR002GBR by Sammlung Walter, photo Jonas Fischer 8 Canopy Bed and Mesa Bowl by CAT PERSON for LAYER 9 Coloured Incalmo Glass by Jochen Holz, photo by Angus Mill 10 Coasters, platters and boards by Weez & Merl 11 WARD-BLEND for Ward Wijnant, photo Ronald Smits 12 Twistedcandleholder by Werkwaardig for Ward Wijnant, photo Werkwaardig 13 Twisted blue armrest chair by Ward Wijnant, photo John van Groenedaal 14 CYCLO:ONE by Cyclo Technology 15 WTR002B by Sammlung Walter, photo Isabella Hager 16 Low Tide Collection Sebae Vessel by Wang & Söderström, photo Wang & Söderström