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Retail in the digital age.

Even though consumers are increasingly using the Internet, the high-street retail sector will continue to be essential in tomorrow’s world. Compared to online trading, it has far more dynamic potential. The prerequisite for future success is the further development of digital business concepts. The special presentation “From Point of Sale to Point of Experience” shows what this could look like.

Experience the customer journey of the future

The shop of tomorrow

Wolfgang Gruschwitz, Owner Designbüros Gruschwitz

An interview with Wolfgang Gruschwitz, owner of the Gruschwitz design studio, which has designed the special presentation.

How are we going to buy and sell in future?

Digital and analogue activities will be much more closely linked. This synchronisation requires centres that exist in real life, not just on the Internet. Interestingly, the major online traders have already recognised this.

What role will high-street retailers play?

The retail sector offers a hub where communication channels come together and interests meet. Only here can emotive content be used to establish a strong relationship with consumers and satisfy their desire for entertainment, discovery, personal contact – and for convenience, which has up to now been where online commerce has had a clear edge.

What will this look like?

The special presentation has been set up as a shop. In the shop window, for example, we see recent product reviews. In the entrance area, the visitor can watch video clips of specially promoted products and see what’s happening in the event zone. There are interactive shelves, an augmented-reality wedding table, an area for customisable products and much more.

Special presentation lecture


The lecture accompanying the special presentation also explores the high-street retail sector of tomorrow: “From Point of Sale to Point of Experience” takes place on Sunday, 11.2.2018, at the Ambiente Academy in Hall 11.1 E49 from 15.15 to 15.45. Find out more about the background to the concept, its objectives and implementation possibilities.

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