How-to Videos Ambiente digital addition

What is possible? How does digital matchmaking work? Where can I set up my profile? These and other questions are answered in the following how-to videos on the digital platform.

The features of the Ambiente digital addition are the same as those of Automechanika, which took place from 14 to 16 September 2021. Therefore, we use the Automechanika platform as an example to explain the various functions. Of course, Ambiente digital addition will welcome you in January for exhibitors and in February for visitors with the well-known look and feel.

For exhibitors and visitors

In this video, the registration process to the platform is described and the importance of the onboarding questions for digital matchmaking is explained. You will also learn how to customise your personal profile on the platform.

What is behind which navigation point, are there quick access points, where do I find messages and what does my personal calendar look like? The video explains these and many other points.

Where can you find contacts that are interesting for you? What options do you have for getting in touch? How can you arrange an appointment? Find more information in the video.

For exhibitors

This video explains step by step the features that are linked to the exhibitor profile: From lead management, to unlocking staff through the main contact, to setting up a roundtable.

What settings should you make as an exhibitor in order to secure your and your coworker’s visibility and reachability for your customers in an optimal way? Find out in this video.

What is a lead? How can you sort and process your trade fair contacts with the lead manager together as a team? These questions are answered in the video.

How can you set up a group video conferece with Round Table, how do you start it and what options do you have with this tool? Everything and more in this video.