Frequently asked questions about Covid 19

In the following, we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Covid 19 for you.

2G means that only vaccinated or recovered persons are allowed to take part in an event. At the moment, 2G applies throughout Germany. However, we do not yet have the new regulation from the state of Hesse. However, it can be assumed that the familiar distance and hygiene rules, including the obligation to wear a mask, will apply at 2G events. For 2G+ (vaccinated/recovered and additionally tested on a daily basis), the distance and hygiene rules would not apply. These rules also apply, for example, when staying in a hotel or visiting a restaurant. The daily updated entry and return regulations can be accessed, for example, via the following link:

Currently, the vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Johson&Johnson are approved and accepted. All persons who have been vaccinated twice with the vaccines mentioned or a vaccine combination (with the exception of Johnson&Johnson - here only one vaccination) and the second vaccination is older than 14 days are classified as fully vaccinated.

  • Biontech/Pfizer is also called Comirnaty or Tozinameran
  • Moderna is also called Moderna Biotech or Spikevax or Elasomeran
  • AstraZeneca is also called Vaxzevria or Covishield
  • Johnson&Johnson is also called Janssen

These people are formally considered unvaccinated and are not allowed to enter the events under current conditions (2G or 2G+).

According to information from the RKI, persons who have been fully vaccinated with a foreign vaccine are classified as vaccinated immediately, i.e. without a waiting period, after an antibody test has been carried out (positive proof of antibodies through vaccination protection) with a single vaccination with a vaccine approved in Germany, and can participate in 2G events.

The current Infection Protection Act has listed a new scale of measures. These measures are no longer based on the 7-day incidence, but from now on on the hospitalisation incidence. This shows how many people per 100,000 were admitted to hospital. From an incidence of 3, only 2G events may be carried out - this also applies to overnight stays in hotels and restaurant visits. If the hospitalisation incidence of 6 is exceeded, only 2G+ events are permitted, i.e. vaccinated and recovered with additional test. If the incidence of hospitalisation exceeds 9, the individual federal states can enact even stricter measures. The current incidence is above 3, i.e. there is a 2G obligation.

Messe Frankfurt publishes the latest information on its website and we are also available to you directly via telephone hotline - in German and English.

Please inform yourself on the Messe Frankfurt Health and Safety Website at and in an emergency via the Messe Frankfurt Corona Health and Safety Line: +49 (0) 69 75 75-66 99 (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Or visit the website and app of the trade fair you plan to visit. In addition you find further information on the websites of the German and local authorities. Here, for example, the use of the corona warning app from the federal government and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is recommended: Corona warning app NINA: or

Up-to-date information on your visit as well as our detailed protection and hygiene guidelines are to be found online under or download the „Welcome Back“ brochure as PDF.

All exhibitors, visitors, media representatives, service providers and employees of Messe Frankfurt provide proof that they are not infected with the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 in order to participate in an event at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds. The following options are available for this purpose. Please bring them with you for admission to the event:

  • a proof of vaccination or
  • a proof of recovery

If possible, please bring the documents with you digitally or with a scannable QR code. Messe Frankfurt will not grant admission to the exhibition grounds without presentation of one of the above documents.

The vaccination status should be submitted digitally via app or with a document with a scannable QR code. In addition, the second vaccination should be at least 14 days ago, otherwise you are considered unvaccinated in Germany.

There will be a test centre at the entrance, that is managed by a private organisation. However, if not vaccinated or healed, fair participants should come to the trade fair already tested in order to avoid long waiting times.

A distinction is made between rapid tests and PCR tests, both of which are recognised for access to the fair. The result of the rapid tests is available on site after 15 minutes. The test will cost be between 15 and 25 €. Validity period for rapid tests: 24-hour. PCR tests will cost about 90 Euro. The period of validity for PCR tests is 48 hours.

Messe Frankfurt has a well-rehearsed and proven emergency management system at its disposal at all times. In addition to the police and fire brigade, the OSC also houses the German Red Cross and the security and stewardship services. Several treatment rooms and emergency care equipment are available for medical emergencies. At large trade fairs several doctors and paramedics are available in the OSC who are trained in dealing with infectious diseases.

The health authorities and government of Germany issue travel and entry warnings based on the current infection rate. Messe Frankfurt must comply with this. However, you may then not be able to enter Germany at all.

Additional questions for exhibitors

No. As with any other illness, the Covid-19 infection is in the exhibitor's sphere of risk. There is no special right of termination or withdrawal.

If all employees of a company go into quarantine or are sick with Covid-19 and cannot take part in the trade fair as a result, this is, as with any other illness, in the risk sphere of the exhibitor. There is therefore no special right of termination on the part of the exhibitor. If necessary, a stand representative can be organized.

You will receive your 2G cards from the start of construction on the exhibition grounds. To find out the exact times and locations, please contact us by phone at +49 75 75-66 99 or by email at

Stand catering and the popular show cooking in Hall 3 will be possible at Ambiente 2022 - taking into account the protection and hygiene regulations that will then apply. From today's perspective, for example, food and drinks served at the stand can only be consumed there and not taken anywhere else. As in gastronomy, service staff will work with mouth and nose protection. Distance regulations are to be observed. This also provides the framework for stand parties. Here, too, the organization will be adapted to the protection and hygiene regulations and the events will have more of the character of a get-together.