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9 – 13.2.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Partner country. Welcome!

Partnerland Großbritannien

The partner country at Ambiente 2017 is a constant source of inspiration to the design world. Legendary British designers such as Thomas Chippendale, Mary Quant and Damien Hirst have set standards and shown how to use their idiosyncratic individualism to create new perspectives and solutions. The seventh-largest exhibitor nation at Ambiente in 2016 will enthral you with a unique special presentation designed and curated by Janice Kirkpatrick. She is one of the UK’s leading graphic and product designers and is also Professor of Design at the Glasgow School of Art.

The special presentation is entitled “Providence & Provenance”. Janice Kirkpatrick will be showcasing special British products that illustrate the belief that the regional retains its special value in this age of globalisation thanks to its unique nature. The Monday of the fair is Partner Country Day and there will be numerous events and activities at the stands of British exhibitors. A programme flyer can be picked up throughout the fair.