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9 – 13.2.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Partner country. Welkom Nederland!

Partner country Netherlands

Minimalist and experimental, innovative and unconventional. The next Ambiente partner country is a leading player when it comes to new design trends and avantgarde ideas. The Netherlands has an extremely lively creative scene that constantly produces exciting young talents. It is a country where new approaches are developed and previous ways of thinking are turned on their head. For example, the principle of “form follows concept” comes from the Netherlands and gives rise to unusual designs that meet our yearning for something exceptional.

A special presentation will underline the trendsetting role of the country and numerous Dutch exhibitors are expected to showcase their collections in 2018. Their stands will be labelled accordingly. The Monday of the fair is Partner Country Day with lots of presentations and events at which to meet suppliers. Further details will be available in the programme flyer, which can be picked up at the fair itself.